"The TreeSisters global network of women is currently planting a million trees a year and now it’s time to play all out for our planet and start the journey to plant one billion every year. Would you like to be part of a circle of women who are taking a stand on behalf of life?

We stand at a huge threshold where our behaviors are no longer sustainable for our ecology, yet we know in our hearts that together we can shape the future that we need to create for future generations.  

We can do this, together." - www.TreeSisters.org

You can find out more and register here: www.BillionTrees.me

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Wild Life Leggings Donates 10% of Profits to aid
TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees Campaign
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Restoring Habitat by Planting Trees

Images thanks to TreeSisters' planting partners the Eden Reforestation ProjectsWeForest, the International Tree Foundation, and Project GreenHands.